Lab News



Xing joins the lab as a research assistant! Xing just completed her B.S. at Bates and is excited to learn about the gut microbiome.




Baylee and Manasvi decide to join the lab as the first two Ph.D. students! We celebrated with an outdoors, fully vaccinated happy hour!

20210617 happy hour.jpg



Manasvi joins the lab for a rotation and we move to a bigger lab space, with desks and benches for everyone!




Baylee and Stephen start in-person rotations, and the lab space is starting to look functional!


The Jost Lab is open! We are starting in one bay while our future lab space gets renovated. We will get to upgrade to a bigger space in May. In any case, we are excited to get started!


The Jost Lab website is online! Other than that, moving pieces are falling into place, slowly but surely. We are looking forward to getting into full gear in April!


Baylee, Simon, and Stephen start virtual rotations in the lab! The virtual format is new to all of us, but we are off to a great start in planning out a literature review.