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Hyunho Lee


B.A. in Biological Sciences, Cornell University

Research Interests: Microbiology, gut microbiome, CRISPR, Immunology


hyunholee -at-


About Hyunho

Hyunho grew up in South Korea, and in 2008 moved slightly across the globe to Maryland, where he found his favorite place, Five Guys. He received his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University. There, he worked under Dr. Daniel Barbash, where he tried to improve methods to screen for meiotic drive in Drosophila melanogaster via RNA interference.

With a newfound interest in gene editing, Hyunho moved to sunny Boston, where he worked as a research technician under Dr. Keith Joung. Most of his research there centered around developing and testing a CRISPR off-target detection method, with a few additional projects on testing and optimizing various gene editors. Now in the Jost lab, Hyunho hopes to explore his interests in the gut microbiome and immunology while continuing to utilize CRISPR technology.

Outside of the lab, Hyunho enjoys going on walks, eating, and dreaming about the day the Washington Wizards win the championship.

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