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Join Us!

We are looking for scientists broadly interested in microbiome biology and functional genomics to join our growing team. Please note the specific opportunities below. Please send general inquiries directly to Marco  (marco_jost -at-

We encourage applications from members of all backgrounds. Our lab prioritizes inclusion and diversity and seeks to foster an environment in which everyone feels welcome and can thrive and succeed. Please also read our Mission Statement.

Specific Opportunities

Postdoctoral scholars: We always encourage applications from prospective postdoctoral scholars. Applicants should hold, or soon expect to hold, a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree in microbiology, immunology, chemical biology, molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, or a related field and have a track record of innovative work in basic or translational research. Prior experience in any of the following areas would be a plus: CRISPR screening, growth and genetic manipulation of microbiome bacteria, gnotobiotic mouse models, T-cell immunology, organoid culture.

Please send a cover letter, CV, and three reference letters by email to marco_jost -at- .

Graduate students: We always welcome students interested in rotating and/or performing their graduate work in our lab. The lab currently participates in the BBS, ChemBio, and Immunology graduate programs but we are happy to hear from students from all programs. To inquire about a potential rotation, please email Marco (marco_jost -at-

Research assistants: Please stay tuned for opportunities to join our lab as a research assistant!

Undergraduates and summer students: Stay tuned for opportunities that will open up once restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic ease!

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