Jost Lab publications

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Marco's publications as a post-doc

Jost M*^, Jacobson AN*, Hussmann JA, Fischbach MA^, Weissman JS^. CRISPR-based functional genomics in human dendritic cells. eLife 2021 . Link and bioRxiv Link

* co-first author; ^ corresponding author

Tolani B*, Celli A, Yao Y, Tan YZ, Fetter R, Liem CR, de Smith AJ, Vasanthakumar T, Bisignano P, Seiple IB, Rubinstein JL, Jost M, Weissman JS. Selective Targeting of Ras Mutant Cancers via a New Small Molecule. Submitted and bioRxiv 2020. bioRxiv Link

Yan X, Stuurman N, Ribeiro SA, Tanenbaum ME, Horlbeck MA, Liem CR, Jost M, Weissman JS, Vale RD. High-content Imaging-based Pooled CRISPR Screens in Mammalian Cells. J Cell Bio 2021. Link and bioRxiv Link

Hawkins JS*, Silvis MR*, Koo BM, Peters JM, Osadnik H, Jost M, Hearne CC, Weissman JS, Todor H, Gross CA. Mismatch-CRISPRi Reveals the Co-varying Expression-Fitness Relationships of Essential Genes in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis. Cell Systems 2020. Link and bioRxiv link

Hickey KL, Dickson K, Cogan JZ, Replogle JM, Schoof M, D’Orazio KN, Sinha NK, Hussmann JA, Jost M, Frost A, Green R, Weissman JS, Kostova KK. GIGYF2 and 4EHP Inhibit Translation Initiation of Defective Messenger RNAs to Assist Ribosome-Associated Quality Control. Mol Cell 2020. Link and bioRxiv link

Jost M, Chen Y, Gilbert LA, Horlbeck MA, Krenning L, Menchon G, Rai A, Cho MY, Stern JJ, Prota AE, Kampmann M, Akhmanova A, Steinmetz MO, Tanenbaum ME, Weissman JS. Pharmaceutical-grade rigosertib is a microtubule-destabilizing agent. Mol Cell 2020. Link and bioRxiv link


Jost M*, Santos DA*, Saunders RA, Horlbeck MA, Hawkins JS, Scaria SM, Norman TM, Hussmann JA, Liem CR, Gross CA, Weissman JS. Titrating gene expression using libraries of systematically attenuated CRISPR guide RNAs. Nature Biotech 2020. Link and bioRxiv link

* contributed equally.

Norman TM*, Horlbeck MA*, Replogle JM, Ge AY, Xu A, Jost M, Gilbert LA, Weissman JS. Exploring genetic interaction manifolds constructed from rich single-cell phenotypes. Science 2019. Link and bioRxiv link

Chan MM*, Smith ZD*, Grosswendt S, Kretzmer H, Norman TM, Adamson B, Jost M, Quinn JJ, Yang D, Jones MG, Khodaverdian A, Yosef N, Meissner A, Weissman JS. Molecular recording of mammalian embryogenesis. Nature 2019. Link and bioRxiv link

Adamson B, Norman TM, Jost M, Weissman JS. Approaches to maximize sgRNA-barcode coupling in Perturb-seq screens. bioRxiv 2018. Link  (not submitted for publication)

Jost M*, Weissman JS*. CRISPR approaches to small molecule target identification. ACS Chem Bio 2018. Link

* corresponding author

Jost M, Chen Y*, Gilbert LA*, Horlbeck MA*, Krenning L*, Menchon G*, Rai A*, Cho MY, Stern JJ, Prota AE, Kampmann M, Akhmanova A, Steinmetz MO, Tanenbaum ME, Weissman JS. Combined CRISPRi/a-Based Chemical Genetic Screens Reveal that Rigosertib Is a Microtubule-Destabilizing Agent. Mol Cell 2017. Link

Adamson B*, Norman TM*, Jost M, Cho MY, Nuñez JK, Chen Y, Villalta JE, Gilbert LA, Horlbeck MA, Hein MY, Pak RA, Gray AN, Gross CA, Dixit A, Parnas O, Regev A, Weissman JS. A multiplexed single-cell CRISPR screening platform enables systematic dissection of the unfolded protein response. Cell 2016. Link

Marco's publications as a graduate and undergraduate student

Bian K, Lenz SAP, Tang Q, Chen F, Qi R, Jost M, Drennan CL, Essigmann JM, Wetmore SD, Li D. DNA repair enzymes ALKBH2, ALKBH3, and AlkB oxidize 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine, 5-formylcytosine and 5-carboxylcytosine in vitro. Nucl Acids Res 2019. Link

Padmanabhan S*, Jost M*, Drennan CL*, Elías-Arnanz M*. A New Facet of Vitamin B12: Gene Regulation by Cobalamin-Based Photoreceptors. Annu Rev Biochem 2017. Link

Wittenborn EC, Jost M, Wei Y, Stubbe J, Drennan CL. Structure of the Catalytic Domain of the Class I Polyhydroxybutyrate Synthase from Cupriavidus necator. J Biol Chem 2016. Link

Chen F, Tang Q, Bian K, Humulock ZT, Yang X, Jost M, Drennan CL, Essigmann JM, Li D. Adaptive Response Enzyme AlkB Preferentially Repairs 1-Methylguanine and 3-Methylthymine Adducts in Double-Stranded DNA. Chem Res Toxicol 2016. Link

Jost M, Born DA, Cracan V, Banerjee R, Drennan CL. Structural Basis for Substrate Specificity in Adenosylcobalamin-Dependent Isobutyryl-CoA Mutase and Related Acyl-CoA Mutases. J Biol Chem 2015. Link

Jost M, Fernández-Zapata J, Polanco MC, Ortiz-Guerrero JM, Chen PY, Kang G, Padmanabhan S, Elías-Arnanz M, Drennan CL. Structural Basis for Gene Regulation by a B12-Dependent Photoreceptor. Nature 2015. Link

Jost M, Simpson JH, Drennan CL. The transcription factor CarH safeguards use of adenosylcobalamin as a light sensor by altering the photolysis products. Biochemistry 2015. Link

Chang S, Fedeles BI, Wu J, Delaney JC, Li D, Zhao L, Christov PP, Yau E, Singh V, Jost M, Drennan CL, Marnett L, Rizzo CJ, Levine SS, Guengerich FP, Essigmann JM. N2,3-Ethenoguanine is a functional biomarker that induces the genetic changes typically seen in vinyl chloride associated liver tumors. Nucl Acids Res 2015. Link

Jost M, Cracan V, Hubbard PA, Banerjee R, Drennan CL. Visualization of a Radical B12 Enzyme with its G-protein Chaperone. PNAS 2015. Link

Sydor AM, Jost M, Ryan KS, Turo KE, Douglas CD, Drennan CL, Zamble DB. Metal-Binding Properties of Escherichia coli YjiA, a Member of the Metal Homeostasis-Associated COG0523 Family of GTPases. Biochemistry 2013. Link


Hamill MJ, Jost M, Wong C, Bene NC, Drennan CL, Elliott SJ. Electrochemical Characterization of Escherichia coli Adaptive Response Protein AidB. Intl J Mol Sci 2012. Link

Hamill MJ*, Jost M*, Wong C, Elliott SJ, Drennan CL. Flavin-Induced Oligomerization in Escherichia coli Adaptive Response Protein AidB. Biochemistry 2011. Link

* contributed equally.


Jost M, Zocher G, Tarcz S, Matuschek M, Xie X, Li SM, Stehle T. Structure-Function Analysis of an Enzymatic Prenyl Transfer Reaction Identifies a Reaction Chamber with Modifiable Specificity. JACS 2010. Link

Cupelli K, Müller S, Persson BD, Jost M, Arnberg N, Stehle T. Structure of Adenovirus Type 21 Knob in Complex with CD46 Reveals Key Differences in Receptor Contacts among Species B Adenoviruses. Journal of Virology 2010. Link

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