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Yunxi (Claudia) Liu


B.S. in Biochemistry and Gender and Women’s Studies, Minor in Japanese Professional Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interest: Gut/Vaginal microbiome, hormone signaling, host-microbiome interactions


yliu4 -at-


About Claudia

Claudia grew up in Chongqing, a city that almost never snows, and went to Wisconsin for undergraduate, where she learned winter the hard way. Claudia enjoyed her undergraduate adventures in Biochemistry and Gender Studies. In 2019, she also went to Keio University in Tokyo, Japan as an exchange student and encountered the most delicate and beautiful Sakura blossom she had ever seen (pre-COVID, lucky her).

Research-wise, Claudia had the honor to explore Ge-Ni-Nb alloy synthesis for one year with Prof. Daniel Fredrickson at UW-Madison. Then she investigated nitrogen metabolism by the gut microbiome of hibernating animals mentored by Dr. Fariba Assadi-Porter. Now Claudia is a first-year graduate student in the Chemical Biology graduate program at Harvard and exploring microbiology and immunology related research in her rotations!

Outside lab, Claudia is very into cooking and finding the best brunch in Boston. Recently she also picked up watercolor painting!

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