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Xingren (Xing) Wang


B.S. in Biological Chemistry and Philosophy, Bates College

Research Interests: Host-microbiome interactions, skin and gut microbiome, CRISPR


xingren_wang -at-


​About Xing

Xingren grew up in a small city in China and moved to Maine for undergraduate studies. She attended Bates College and majored in Biological Chemistry and Philosophy. In college, she worked in the lab of Prof. Colleen O’Loughlin and explored the interactions between human hosts and our skin commensal bacteria, focusing on a biosynthetic gene cluster in Staphylococcus epidermidis.


Desiring to learn more about microbes and human immune systems, she is very excited to join the Jost lab as a research assistant in June 2021. Her research interests include studying the diversity of gut microbes and applying the fascinating technique of CRISPR in cell models.


When not working with bacteria, she enjoys watching cat videos, playing guitar, traveling to different places, and she has just recently found her interest in skiing after spending four years in Maine.

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