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Virginia (Gin) Glick


B.S. in Biochemistry and Anthropology, Georgetown University


Research Interests: Host-microbiome interactions, microbiology, pathogenesis


virginiaglick -at-


About Gin

Gin grew up in Northern Virginia before moving to D.C. to study biochemistry and anthropology at Georgetown University. As an undergraduate she worked in Dr. Rodrigo Maillard’s lab exploring the activation mechanism of Protein Kinase A using single molecule optical tweezers.


After graduating, she began working as a researcher at the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. with her most recent work focusing on primate lactation. Currently, as a graduate student in the Harvard Chemical Biology program, she is exploring her scientific interests in host-microbe interactions through her lab rotations.


In her free time, she enjoys climbing, swimming, playing guitar, and watching hours of Netflix.

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