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Nolan Maier


B.A. in Biochemistry, Middlebury College

Ph.D. in Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests: cell biology, host-microbe interaction


nolan_maier -at-


About Nolan

Nolan grew up in Southern California and moved to the snowy slopes of Vermont for his undergraduate studies. He then moved to Washington D.C. to study the innate immune system and the inflammasome as a postbaccalaureate researcher at the NIH/NIAID. Nolan completed his graduate work in the lab of Iain Cheeseman at the Whitehead Institute/MIT where he investigated the molecular mechanisms that allow mammalian germ cells to complete the unique meiotic cell cycle.


Nolan is fascinated in the myriad ways microbes have evolved to influence and manipulate their hosts. Outside or work, Nolan enjoys dogs (especially Labradors), skiing, and tinkering with home improvement projects.

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