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HyoJeon Kim


B.A. in Chemistry and Mathematics, Amherst College

Research Interests: Microbiology, Small Molecule Drug Discovery


hkim97 -at-


About HyoJeon

HyoJeon grew up in South Korea, and flew to the US for the first time for her undergraduate studies. At Amherst, HyoJeon worked on finding allosteric inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 under the mentorship of Dr. Anthony Bishop. Here, she developed an interest in the applications of small molecules, which are critical in cellular activities and have therapeutic opportunities. Also, in 2021 summer, HyoJeon investigated E3 ubiquitin ligase regulation under the guidance of Dr. Phil Cole at Harvard Medical School. Outside of the lab, HyoJeon enjoys exploring restaurants and cafes in Cambridge/Boston, cooking, and watching Netflix.

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