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Baylee Russell


B.S. in Microbiology, Minor in Chemistry, California State University, Chico

Research Interests: Microbiome, host interaction


baylee_russell -at-

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About Baylee

Baylee received her undergraduate degree in Microbiology from California State University, Chico. There, she spent time researching the marine alga Emiliania huxleyi as a potential source of biofuel. As an undergraduate she also had the opportunity to participate in an REU program at Portland State University in the Stedman lab exploring the extremophile archaeal virus SSV1.


Looking to expand her skill set into host physiology, Baylee returned to her hometown of San Diego to work as a research assistant and lab manager in the Zarrinpar lab at UCSD in summer of 2017. Her research interests have since solidified as she hopes to study the complex relationships between microbes and their host(s), particularly in the gut, as a graduate student in the Harvard BBS program.


Outside of the lab, Baylee enjoys getting to know Boston, expanding her embroidery and clothes making skills, learning how to survive snow for the first time, and looking for a new rock-climbing buddy.

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